The stories of sand

What might the story of one a grain of sand imprint upon us?

I asked myself this question in previous writings and couldn’t stop myself from going deeper into thoughts that everything has a purpose, no matter how minuscule.

From the beginning of time, according to agreed-upon creation theories, our planet was created from celestial gas that was then fused, forming a hot molten globe.

That suggests there was no sand at that time but instead came into existence as raw evidence of the pressures of time itself and the eventual forces of Mother Nature.

Was it to appease the lifeforms that would eventually live on her, or was it the other way around?

Lifeforms came to adapt to Mother Nature´s ever-changing states, nourishing themselves while nourishing her, or at least not harming her like we humans are doing now, but that’s something for a different story.

Anyway, I´m in my usual spot in the sauna looking out thinking, every grain of sand surely has the most interesting story to tell.

Where is it from?

Surely not from this very shore. In fact, I know sand was imported from the Saharas.

Why is the Sahara’s the Sahara’s?

Just dry land and tons of sand. Like earlier mentioned it hasn’t always been there. It was created somewhere along the universal timeline.

Maybe it was created equally everywhere in the world but different phenomenons made a majority of the sand accumulate in certain areas.

Like how clouds form more frequently in certain places and drouth in others.

The sand itself maybe just that there is a weaker mountain in that area, or a much bigger one or a combination of both that was more easily converted, or broken down into sand.

If a grain of sand could speak.

Sand has been around since the beginning of time, almost, and I’m sure the same grain of sand you had in your crouch at one point, has been in the crouches of several others in the past, maybe somebody famous or even a direct relative.

The conversation it must have heard, the cycle of travels it has completed.  Only one’s own imagination can limit what a grain of sand can teach.

I will be going to the beach and invite a grain of sand back home with me.


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