That very moment

Sometimes your actions are out of your control, in a wonderfully amazing way. You do things, take chances, risks you normally don’t see yourself taking. You don’t know why. The reason is however not important.

It is as if a set of conditions has been met. You are in a state of flow. Pure intentions, feelings, a state of excitement taking the risk.

Yet it doesn’t feel like one. It’s more like it’s the right thing to do, the only thing you were meant to do at that very moment.

Thoughts about the experience only arise after the event itself has passed, when you are back to the “normal” you.

These experiences aren’t meant to be analyzed. Only to take in, observed, and felt with an open mind and self.

When strangers are brought together by something larger than life itself and are ready for the encounter, magic happens.

So much to learn… Life lessons, insights, the discovery of a piece of yourself you never knew existed, and the way it instantly changes you.

Maybe all the things you need to know and learn at that particular time in your life.

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