Meeting My True Love

A spell had been cast… or one was lifted, as I unexpectedly and with zero awareness was standing face to face with the woman I would come to know as my true love.

Once upon a time, after socially secluding myself to essentially free my soul from what can only be described as a state of suspended animation, I received a guest. A friend I had not seen, or spoken to in years, came to stay at my place.

It was summer, mid-July, and Marbella was filled with pulsating life coursing through every pore of her being. My friend’s visit was the last week of her vacation, and the wise thing I should have done, considering my state, was to cancel her visit altogether. Fortunately, it did not, because this friend of mine had a fated role to play in me meeting my true love.

My thoughts at the time were that she could use my place, only a couple of minutes’ walk to the beach, restaurants, attractions, etc., as a base while she enjoyed her vacation as she pleased.

As life would have it, things turned out the opposite, and we ended up spending pretty much every minute together. Our interactions quickly became awkward, forced, and I was expected to be her source of entertainment and guide during her stay. The situation was driving me crazy, and I was suffocating and on the verge of imploding.

One night, fearing I might explode, blowing the poor girl up in the process, I ‘suggested’ an impromptu walk along the beach. During my attempted escape to the promenade and away from the increasing awkwardness this whole situation created, I caught the vaguely candlelit silhouettes of three young women privately immersed on the beach.

Having perceived the ceremonious scene for only a fraction of a second, I felt the sensation of a push on the right side of my upper back. Not realizing, and without a second thought of what had just happened, I was on the beach approaching the women about to interrupt their ceremony.
Stopping a couple of meters away, still not knowing what the hell I was doing, one of the women stood to see who dared interrupt their intimate moment. I initiated contact saying something along the lines of:

I am not sure why I came to interrupt your private moment… I just felt like I had to come.

Having stepped away from the already dim candlelight, I could not see the face of the person who stood ready to kick my butt. With unusual calm, I explained that walking up to strange women in the dark is not something that ever happens. That what they were doing felt special, and that I really do not know why I am standing before them as I am now.

The only reason I was not treated as the interference I actually was, was due to my female friend standing beside me. Who, I’m assuming, reluctantly came with me to blatantly interrupt three strangers in the middle of the night alone on the beach minding their own business.

Confused from not knowing why I was on the beach bothering strangers I could not even see. I did not fully take in what was happening to me, including the fact that I was standing face to face with the woman I would one day recognize as my true love.

Thoughts and Reflection on Meeting My True Love

Love magic is real; it created the precise circumstances that led me to the beach and face to face with my true love. This is undeniable. What exactly transpired the moment our eyes met was special, but it was not enough to realize, at least not on a conscious level, that she was the one. But in retrospect, the saying “love works in mysterious ways” fits in perfectly.

Perfectly as in our life situation and circumstances determines how magic works, its uhh… magic. For me and the state I was in, it meant penetrating multiple layers of the defenses that were barricading my heart. It took us years to realize we are true loves.

I will leave you with this: True love, for us, was and still is, hard work.

Love always,

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