Finding True Love in The Chaos of Daily Existence

A harsh and oppressive existence with few, and all too brief, moments of consciousness and light was the only reality I had ever known; before I met her. Before finding true love.

My life was dominated by depression within this obscure existence, I felt energetically suppressed, and my days were filled with a sense of ever-present darkness and despair.

Feeling disconnected from my soul, I was at the lowest point I have ever been conscious of so far in my life. But on the outside, I was a productive member of my community who had all the needed means to be seen as a happy middle-class citizen with average worldly concerns.

I did not value or appreciate the life I had… how could I??

Everything I did, no matter how small, was a behemoth of a task. It was like walking uphill with excessive weight on my back while solving math equations with little to no brainpower at my command… or energy of any kind.

It was not until after I made a couple of significant life changes that my situation would begin to change for the better. Unwittingly, giving myself a chance at finding true love by paving the way for it to enter my life.

Giving myself a chance meant I had to cast away all notions of what love might look like and any ideal I might have subconsciously had.

I was suffering in silence. I progressively withdrew from all social interactions to care for my soul. The following day I swore to never have another relationship and only focus on my personal wellbeing, unless… I find true love.

Unaware that the above was a heart-wrenching cry from the depths of my person to the universe, my plead to find true love was heard and answered within a week.

Of course, I had zero awareness that magic was already in the works, and within days, I would meet my true love.

Thoughts and Reflections on Finding True Love

I believe most people lack the wisdom to accurately and impeccably transform the idea of what they want into a tangible request easily discovered when it manifests.

The specific problem with love is expectations. We ask the universe for help finding true love, but consciously and subconsciously, we then add conditions. Whether it’s physical preferences, the circumstances of how it should appear, or how the person should be. I firmly believe that we are not wise enough to add any requirements or that it is necessary.

Instead, be coherent in mind and heart, sincerely and wholly ask for true love, and be open for it as it manifests in your life.

Love always,

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