True Love

True love is a single organism with two faces locked in an eternal gaze of wonder, continuously fending off interferences and distorters of the realities it’s creating.

True love is one of life’s mysteries that must be experienced to grasp at all and can only be understood by the heart. There is no place for the mind or ego when real true love is present, including yourself. You can only love someone as much as you love yourself, and I believe a person needs to be spiritual to experience true love.

I experience vibrant colors, movements, and extraordinary life thru her eyes. She sees her divinity and limitless potential as a creator thru mine. We are each other’s source of being and are bound by pure intention and a strong desire to evolve as one.

Is this what true love is like for anyone who has experienced it?

A delicate flower where I am the stem: she everything else. Parts of a sphere. A never-ending cycle of discovery and exploration for new and more profound ways to give and receive love.

I had no idea there was such a thing as true love. I have heard it mentioned, I have seen and read about it in fairy tales, but never once thought that true love is real, much less that I would one day be the main character in a real true love story of my own.

There is true love out there for everyone, and I do believe that under the right conditions, true love finds its way into your life too. The tricky thing about this kind of love is that it may already be staring you in the face.

True love is no longer the exclusive domain of long-forgotten love stories found in fairy tales. Its magic is definitely real and plays a core role in finding true love.

What makes true love mysterious and alluringly elusive is its very nature. It needs to be wanted, profoundly desired, and above all… seen.

Subconscious clues are embedded in circumstance and the unusual and guide you until all the right conditions have been met. Only then will true love find its way into your life, and more importantly, be recognized. Because the tricky thing about true love is that it might already be staring you in the face, but if the right conditions aren’t in place, the magic may be not be tapped into.

My true love story began long before we actually met and was only acknowledge as such much later after we started seeing each other.

What I thought were dreams and romantic ideas spawned from my imagination, years before we met, were all related to true love working its magic on a cosmic scale.

My personal circumstances were not ideal when I met the love of my life. I was at the lowest point I have ever been conscious of so far in my life. My existence was dominated by depression, I felt energetically suppressed, and my days were filled with a sense of ever-present darkness and despair.

I was suffering in silence. I progressively withdrew from all social interactions, work, and otherwise, to care for my soul. The following day I swore to never have another relationship and only focus on my personal wellbeing, unless… I find true love.

Unaware that the above was a heart-wrenching cry from the depths of my person to the universe, my plead to find true love was heard and answered within a week. Of course, I had zero awareness that magic was already in the works until much, much later.

The same magic promptly placed me face to face with the woman I would, after share circumstances, recognize as my person. One of those circumstances kept me from entirely seeing her face, maintaining a sense of mystery until we properly and intentionally met a month later.

When our eyes first met and encapsulated the moment in time, I subconsciously knew the significance of our meeting.

Consciously, I was clueless. But the magic that took place as my entire being was looking into her eyes is still unfolding.

This was the start of my true love story. Many details were excluded that I may, or may not, include elsewhere here on the website. But as my story continues to unfold, what I learn and experience will be shared here.

May true love always be your companion.