The secret to enjoying life

You born, you grow, and you learn the ways of survival within your necessary circles, and life then flows unconsciously by.

Enjoying life is a conscious choice!

Since birth, I was taught how to survive and which paths I should take for success in life.

But I was never taught the merits of enjoying life.

Instead, life flowed in an automated fashion where shades of success and failure dictated the level of enjoyment I “deserved.”

How to enjoy life

The secret to enjoying life is to live each and every moment to its fullest. It is that simple.

For me, this means:

  • be fully present in each moment
  • actively take in every aspect of the moment
  • feel and appreciate the beauty of multiple perspectives
  • realize the blessings of what you are experiencing
  • be grateful

And if you ever think – when will the next moment begin. The answer is always… – It already has.

Being mindful brings awareness into each moment, hones your perception, and infuses joy deep within one´s self.

Conscious moments nourish compassion, removes the filters of ignorance, and allow us to fully experience the joy of life.


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