The meaning of life is…

Do you treat life like is an entity with a will of its own and believe that you are at its mercy?

If so, is that not the same as saying your life is not your own, but a result of the whim of this mythical being whose actions and inactions create the faith of those still in its cradle?

Is life God??

The answers we seek about life, and its reason for being, stems from the realities we create and consequently from the stories we tell ourselves.

Once you accept and integrate the fact that you alone are the creator of your life, you eventually realize that the present is your canvas, awareness of your brush, and purposeful moments your artwork.

Life is a series of purposeful moments strung together telling your unique story.

With that thought in mind, it’s apparent that the present, the now, is the only reality.

So, what is the meaning of life? You tell me!


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