More time

Employer, clients, advertisers, service providers, people in your social spheres. Be it straight up in your face, unsolicited emails, or pop-ups in the digital or physical world.

Everyone is fiercely competing for your time… the most valuable resource you will ever have.

The awareness of this truth and how you relate to it determines your state of being, your level of happiness.

Are you aware, grateful for the time you have, or are you feeling pressured by it and not having enough?

Value is wherever time is being spent.

You don’t actually spend time, you can’t. It’s not yours to spend. Time just is and it’s what’s you do with it that matters.

I don’t have time. There wasn’t time. If I find the time. When I find the time.

The amount of time anyone has is unknown and the next moment may hold one’s final chapter.

Realizing this truth, a new and necessary relationship with time begins to forge.

Budget your energy in the flow of time

There are forces hiding the obvious and forcing us to abandon time, to remain blind of its importance, distracted by the tangible and the many.

The discovery of this truth will invoke the energies of interference that are predominant due to the process of balance between light and dark.

Balance is not something static. Balance is the constant movement through light and dark, dense and ethereal, positive and negative, yin and yang.

It’s a place unconquered by time.

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