What spirituality means to me

Yeah, they come here frequently – my grandma replied, in a matter-of-fact kind of way, which did not prompt me to further question the paranormal I had just experienced.

Her response revealed that this extraordinary event was considered to be something normal in her existence.

For me, it was the first time I saw a ghost.

Thoughts of what spirituality means to me have not been something I have ever thought of directly.

It is not until recently I asked myself what spirituality is and what spirituality means to me. I asked the question as a way to further deepened my own understanding and spiritual development.

Seeing a spirit or a ghost is not something I would call being necessarily spiritual.

But the experience proved to be an unconscious catalyst that enabled me to maintain an open mind, and it taught me to accept otherwise unbelievable possibilities without judgment or complete disregard.

The seven-year-old me woke up in the middle of the night to an older male figure pacing back and forth.

Face directed at the floor, arms hanging to his sides, he slowly and aimlessly moved from one side of grandma’s bedroom to the other.
A state I could best remember described as a puppet on a string.

I had a few more similar but scarier experiences before turning 10, but I will leave those for another time.

I embarked on a path of spirituality during an emotionally difficult period of my life. I had no idea then, and I was not searching for reasons or sources for my suffering.

Instead, I began to ask myself if this was all there is to life. I simply did not want to accept the life I was leading. How did all my life choices amount to my current unhappiness?

After all, I was not in a desirable place. Not because of any lack of material comfort or financial hardships, which I have had my fair share of, but because I did not know who I am, and that did sit well with me.

Without knowing who you are, happiness cannot come to you.

Sometime after, I began to as myself what spirituality is and what spirituality means to me. Although there was no immediate need, I wanted to make real what spirituality is to me presently.

  • Spirituality is an inner quest to discover oneself, who I really am, and for what purpose I currently exist as I do, here and now. We are spirit in nature.
  • Spirituality is the highest connection and relationship one can have with oneself and with other beings.
  • Spirituality is a state of being and unconditional acceptance of who I truly am and how I may best contribute to society and beyond.
  • Spirituality is the most profound path I can take to know who I am and to unravel the nature of my current existence and that of the entire universe.
  • Spirituality is a proven path to enlightenment. I desire permanent happiness, universal wisdom, and the betterment of all beings everywhere. In every dimension. In every time.

The exploration of my spiritual nature has only begun, and I do not believe the is a finish line. I imagine I would be disappointed if there were one.

More to come…


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