Forced to be a observer of my own life

Things have happened and things are going on. Yet it’s hard to write a few lines of past events from the last 24 hours… Interference?

Or is the fact that I did not sleep well last night… Why?

I went on what some call glamping to spend the night in a fancy plastic and rubber bubble camper with a see-through ceiling to romance under the open night sky.

Sounds really good right!?

What we did not expect was the machine keeping the bubble pressurized, humming, and pouring cold air inside nonstop.

To not freeze, we needed to counter the cold with the huge AC located just behind the head of the bed.

And I mean JUST behind.

The hack, sleep with our heads at the foot end of the bed. The result… Cold heads, hot feet. Enough to keep anyone from entering REM sleep for any significant amount of time.

Anyway, it’s like I’ve been stuck in a time capsule observing my own life from a third person’s point of view.

Whenever I tried to inject myself into my own present… I glitch, restarting from a point of observation, forgetting what I was about to do next, or it loses all substance.

It’s a tricky day where the illusion that is life is apparent and my ability to intervene is limited.

Part of me feels like I have all the opportunities and choices to create something glorious, but all attempts the initiate dissipates as quickly as they are perceived, forcing me back into a state of catch 22.

What was I meant to? Where there something for me to learn from this third perspective?

This blog post is my remedy to getting a few lines written as a result of a promise I made to myself as an aspiring author of serval future book successes.

I have yet to put a strategy in place, but I have the intention of writing something – other than my normal daily journey entries – each day.

Well, it’s time to get the kid’s pizzas ready, effectively starting movie night. It is after all Friday.

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