Empying: The purge is here, and no life areas are exempt

I never plan for it and never see it coming. It creeps up on me, and I only notice when I am inexplicably at it.

It’s not compulsory, but I am sure it is necessary for my soul.

Now it’s that time again.

The time when I am urged to shed unseen burdens and to reset myself mentally and energetically.

Digital, material, mental, beliefs of who I am… No areas are exempt.

This process, this particular personal purge started a week or so ago, and now it’s time for this website. The reason I do this is not yet apparent, but I innately feel I need to flow with it.

And apparently, my numerology offers some insights into this behavior and habit of mine. However, I cannot recall specifically how.

I inspect every aspect of my life with a fine toothcomb with the mission to weed out the unnecessary from my surroundings and my entire being.

Why now? – Is it because a new year is only moments away, or is it a synergy of the elements that are always present, urging me to look at myself from different perspectives?

Or maybe it’s the only way the universe can have me take action towards making a purpose clear to me. Possibly a kind of an empty your cup thing.

Whatever the reason, I love the process and utterly enjoy it. Digital cleanouts are one the most enduring problems, they accumulate the fastest and, it has a tendency to easily slip from the present to instead linger in the digital background, becoming useless and without purpose, but still clutters the mind.

Are there any actual personal blogs on the internet nowadays?

The ones from genuine people with thoughts and emotions, I mean. The ones who blog for the exploration of self and life. The curious and the brave.

I am talking about blogs with personal journaling type content for the mind, body, heart, and even beyond.

I am counting my blog as one of these rarities. It has actually always been, despite the many iterations, deletions, and complete remakes.

My goal, this time, is to not delete the blog or any of its content again. Instead, I intend to structure it after epochs in a logical manner. If that is even possible.

There is no detailed plan for how this blog will turnout or any specific content or niche angles. The only goal I have in mind is to write and publish from a personal space daily on whatever touches me and provokes deep thoughts, relatable ideas, and … well, anything really.

That being said, I hope that with the help of this blog, I can get in touch and connect with like-minded individuals as well as inspire each other to grow as caring and loving human beings.

I do have a Twitter account, which has had the same cleansing treatment as everything else in my life, that I infrequently post to and even less pay attention to. So I am uncertain if keeping it at all is something I still want or will ever use.

I recently thought of using Twitter alone instead of a blog, but I ultimately decided to put all my personal digital efforts into my own blog/ website and domain.


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