The middle way demands courage and blind perseverance

The limbo between procrastination and desired actions is genuine. So is the interference I just noticed.

Sleep wasn’t the roughest experience, and the morning, while not being wasted, requires direction.

It’s not a fight anymore. I no longer allow myself to be pulled into one. But it is a test of endurance and perseverance: and the continuous shedding of the ego.

The actual reality where conflicts with unseen ‘enemies’ are ever-ongoing.

Sight is not required to triumph over interdimensional beings – which we all are – awareness and faith go a long way.

Awareness of what is, what was, why a particular choice was made, and what’s in the present.

Faith to listen and follow the clues of one’s heart.

Faith to trust in one’s self.

Faith to walk the invisible path into one’s potential.

What to exactly have faith in, the heart will reveal.

Connect, listen, feel, and learn its truth.

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