The lost relationship between Mother Earth and mankind

All life, animals, and plants alike, are part of the ecology that is Mother Earth, and they all play a vital part in keeping her healthy and fertile.

But what is the purpose of humans in this regard?

Have we missed the reason for why we have the highest cerebral power on the planet and that all of nature seems to want to support us?

Remembering earth would be perfectly fine, or much better off without us humans, and our shortcomings, we would not be missed by her.

If Mother Earth, Gaia, is a creator, carer, and giver, what does she ask or need of us in return?

Like all creatures, plants, and trees, what are we to do for our foster mother who gives, cares, and loves us unconditionally?

We are not here to be a parent, Gaia’s counterpart. We are nowhere near qualified to be a parental figure on this scale.

Not knowing our role or purpose, we came to believe that what is giving, or what is perceived as for the taking, is for the “smart” or the “strong” to make their own and defend it with all they possess, including lives.

Let us instead take a step back and detach from ourselves for a moment.

Turn your attention to nature, to Gaia.

It could be a flower, an insect, a pet, a painting of a landscape, the wind in your face. You could look at yourself or at someone else.

Now, with your left hand on your heart, take a few deep slow conscious breaths, and let one of your most loving and memorable moments flood your entire being.

Then with your heart in hand and a tranquil happy mind, you begin to understand our role with Mother Earth and why we are here.

You begin to sense the will of Gaia, why she made the earth a place perfectly suited for us humans.

It’s her will, It’s her desire and it’s her karma.

We are here to assist Gaia in ascending to a higher existence, and in doing so helping ourselves to do the same.

It’s Gaia’s wish and it should be ours as well.

Namaskar to you Mother Earth.


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