Reluctant to alter, or cast away

Like all things existing within the grasps of change and transformation, their natural flow constantly shifts to a point where conscious efforts are required to maintain one’s sense of balance.

Identifying with parts of yourself, or extensions thereof, in the trails of your own evolution, no longer sits right with the soul.

It´s no simple task knowing exactly why a particular change instills questions that give birth to uncertainties in what you might still find relevant.

Reluctant to alter, or cast away, past efforts in favor of current and possible future usefulness, increases the gap in the once identifiable self and present you.

For what is meant of change is not conscious evolution and the letting go of that which is no longer able to truthfully identify us?

Yesterday´s me, that wrote those previous posts, is no longer in harmony with my present self.

My blog, as a consequence, was taken offline for this very reason. (as it has several times before for the same reason)

Unattached to its content, some posts were changed or completely removed. For now, an ongoing process as I fine-tune my ways.

That said, I’m back to writing, and my latest post has already published.

I call it, come to senses.

It was inspired by a fascinating fact I found online recently saying the sense of touch is the first sense to develop in unborn babies.

That a seed quickly sprouted into a dozen, or more, thoughts and the post reflects only one of them.

In gratitude,

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