Writing mindset for success

I gradually became conscious of my presence as the first rays of the day peered through the cracks of the curtains, giving shape and form to my bedroom.

Usually, I would invest my first woken moments scanning thoughts, feelings, and sensations on the body…

This morning I did not need to. Something was off.

Distracted by the excitement of taking a step closer to being a published author, as promised, I cleared the entire bedroom from a horizon position to closing the behind me in one smooth move.

Ignoring the loud and rapid thumping reverberating in my ribcage. With uneven breath, I started to strategize.

Planning for writing success

Every successful endeavor begins with a matching mindset. Mine is to be established as a master storyteller of fiction that is tightly intertwined with spiritual truths.

The short end of my dining table, the occasional visits to random cafes, and spontaneous parts of Gaia is my office.

At this point, my laptop and even my mobile phone are all the tools I currently need. I will also refrain from trying to digest too many tips from authors online.

The last thing I need is to get stuck trying other people’s tactics and every writing secret I come across.

I also plan to use aids such are writing prompts to produce 500 words a day starting out, like this short short story I wrote a while ago and thinking about expanding.

Posting daily blog entries is part of my writing strategy as it will help me develop my writing skills.

What is going to be my first book project?

I currently have 8 partially outlined story ideas to choose from, which may actually be my first hurdle to overcome.

I am clear that I would like to start off with a short story, something within the 1-7.000-word range.

At the beginning of writing this post, I thought I had made a choice. It’s clear to me now, more time needs to be invested.

In the meantime, I will practice writing prompts and put extra effort into all writing I do, including blogging, emails, and even text messages.

I feel as excited now as when I went to bed last night and how I felt waking up this morning.

Let’s get on it.

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