Energetical Interference

I center myself in the bosom of now, connecting to nature, relating to what is in this present moment.

I inhale serenity, and I exhale tension.

I inhale solitude and exhale all that which might keep me from being one with the moment of now.

I feel the gentle winds perfectly balancing the sun’s temperature on the right side of my face.

The left is colder but still soothingly comfortable. My cold hands and feet are increasing in warmth.

The stones on the shore clap as the waves continuously retreat to their mass painted a gentle smile across my face.

The heartbeat of my being is irregular. I am anxious. I woke up feeling anxious this morning desired to retreat inwards.

This feeling would ordinarily be when I take half, to a full day, to be with myself doing things that may make sense to do when anxiety announces itself.

Today is different. I am at the beach in a half lotus pose surrendered to the moment, observing my rhythm, my being, examining how this anxiousness came to be and why. After all, I had no reason to be anxious.

Twenty minutes into my meditation, I feel a disharmonious flow of energies within me. Moments later, it was intuitively revealed as a symptom caused by the subtle anxiety I was experiencing.

With the aid of meditation and mere understanding, I managed to find the source of the anxiety. It was the inner part of my left knee.

Remembering I had a noticeable pain I could not account for shortly after I woke. – I had no idea how it happened. I did not hit my knee in any way, and it was not due to improper stretching or anything of the sort.

It is not until during meditation that I found out the cause.

It was an energetical interference sent my way, and my left knee was the entry point. This happened while I was sleeping. Sleeping is when our energetical defenses are their weakest when we are most susceptible to negatives energies. More so, when intentionally directed our way.

This realization and mere understanding gave immediate relief to the sensation of pain I was experiencing… and I noticed the gradual restoration of my energetical harmony within.

Our existence is of endless spiritual energies transmuting, redirecting, supporting, and degrading one’s state of being.

Energies that consciously and unconsciously may do good or the opposite… cause harm.

Being ignorant of the world’s energies and our relationship with them does not exempt anyone from being its victim. I am aware of this, and I am grateful for the reminder. It keeps me motivated and fuels med spiritual practices.

My knee still hurts when touched and while walking. I am positive I regained the harmony that the interference had disrupted.

I also know that because its real source has not been discovered yet, the sense of relief I am experiencing could be a temporary one.

The need I felt from this morning to go into seclusion and shut myself off from the world still resides, even though the problem has been seen and honored.

I love alone time, but I am also wary of their causes.

A spontaneous and sudden need to be alone and go within is not always the soul’s want, but could also be like this time, induced with intent to harm, disrupt, and distract.

These kinds of interferences are common and intentional and mostly go unnoticed or are written off as a medical or maybe as a stress-related cause.

For a spiritual practitioner with mere awareness of self and mere understanding of our existence, this contextual wisdom becomes a necessary tool on his or her path.


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