I’m getting married

I found my true love in Spain, and after four years of dating and living together, I am getting married… if the state of Malaga manages to get their s#^t together.

I don’t even remember when we initiated the marriage process here anymore. It’s been so long that my future wife and I are having thoughts of leaving the county to marry elsewhere.

The processing of documents needed from the Swedish government to wed abroad is straightforward for its citizens. I got the Swedish marriage license and birth certificate ages ago and it’s looking like I may need to get them again.

The plan was to have a civil marriage where we sign with the municipality immediately followed by the ceremony.

With delays due to coronavirus precautions and the three months validity of my marriage papers aside, the bureaucracy and lack of processes between entities, is causing frustration and wasting everyone’s time. To the point where we are being called and asked if we have heard anything and that our papers seem to have been lost.

I know many Swedes marry here on Costa del Sol but I don’t know if any of them have had the kind of hassle I am currently experiencing.

This is how the process is said to be for foreigners wanting to marry in Spain:

  1. Provide up to date marriage license and birth certificate
  2. Provide an authorized translation of said documents in Spanish
  3. Apostille, certify the documents through an approved Spanish entity
  4. Sign an intention to marry at the ‘Justice of Peace’ in the municipality. – They then put said intention on an announcement board for 15 days giving people an opportunity to oppose.
  5. You could get a sporadic call with intimate questions in an attempt to validate if the union is not out of convenience or the real deal
  6. The municipality calls to set a date to sign/wed

These are the steps we have signed up for, so to speak.

From our end, we have done everything needed to be done, as per instruction from the involved entities, but we are still waiting for step 6. The call to set a date for our union.

To unify in holy matrimony with your beloved is something I expected to be wonderful from the beginning. But what I have realized is that the above statement might only be true if you actually have all the lovely parts of the wedding ceremony first.

Be it spiritual or any natural tradition where God and mother earth is your witness, and to instead save the signing and systemization of it all until after the honeymoon – or something the like.

Anyway, the last call we received a week ago from the municipality asked us to visit them again for clarification on what to do next. To us, it sounded like we are going to need to restart the whole process from step 1.

But I am remaining hopeful that the process has just halted momentarily and that it will proceed smoothly after another visit.

At the same time, the thought of marrying in another country is becoming more and desirable. And to be honest, it was due to travel restrictions that we didn’t seriously consider that alternative.

Of course, no matter which country we choose, there will be some hoops to jump through, but it can’t get any worse than it already is… right?

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