Made the decision to be a published author.

Lately, my creative sparks are returning to me in the form of writing. But I am however experiencing something that might be writer’s block.

It does not make sense for it to be writer’s block because I am brimming with the will to write, and I do have the means to succeed.

I have a few book ideas – I have had them for ages – and have even roughly outlined a couple of them.

I also have experiences, thoughts, and insights I would love to share on my blog.

But I am still stuck. Less so than days before, but still stuck.

While in this perpetual state of what I should write, I am effectively wasting creative potential.

What I most desperately need is a plan and a structure. This may sound a bit strange coming from someone whose profession is dependent and these two qualities, yet here I am.

The ‘what’ and the ‘how’ needs to be clarified before I can proceed and feel like my writing is going somewhere, that I am creating.

My soul, my entire being is calling out for it.

Spontaneously, my thoughts gravitate towards daily writing both for the blog and chosen book project.

This way will build a habit befitting a prolific writer and provide direction.

Of course, I will have to choose a book project, preferably something short enough for an easy win that boosts motivation and my sense of accomplishment.

I have just realized that with this post, I have made the decision to become a published author. And a great one at that.

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