An incident don’t have to ruin a future relationship

Where is your woman? – the waitress asked. Still sleeping, I replied, adding the additional information about our difference in sleeping hours.

“I love her” she replied and carried on with her work.

A brief refreshing exchange of sentiments. Loved the feeling that surfaced when I was asked where my woman was at.

I’m happy I didn’t listen to my initial thought of not grabbing a coffee to go at this particular establishment.

The last time my fiancé and her mom went to that place, they had a terrible experience.

If it were simply a matter of service, then it could be easily addressed by sharing our experience with the owners.

But in this case, one of the owner’s fake attitudes and forced smiles could not mask the intentional and terrible energy projected at their guests.

This is a person we have no prior relationship with, except the handful of times we have been to the restaurant to have something to eat and the occasional chitchat that was initiated by said co-owner.

My initial response was, naturally, not to return.

The only other thing worse than being around a person with terrible energy… is a person with terrible energy intentionally tossing it your way disguised as kindness.

For all intended purposes, I had zero thoughts of ending up there again, but the other place I wanted to grab a coffee at was yet to open.

So I decided to compromise by getting a coffee to take away from that place.

I am glad that I did, or if not I would’ve missed out on this wonderful interaction with a beautiful person that genuinely cares and emitted so much love from her entire being.

As for if I ever go back there again… I’m leaving it open. Some wonderful people are working there after all and interactions with said co-owner are actually not that many.

I don’t have any perspectives of good or bad and I am absolutely not judging anyone. We are not perfect beings and we don’t have any insights into the lives of strangers.

And although the energies sent our way can cause us harm, we should always show compassion.


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  • Kari May 17, 2021 @ 0:01

    Love the sentiment . Love the codes

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