The Evolutionary Journey of a Limitless Being is a record of personal and spiritual evolution, the pursuit of supreme wisdom, and being inspired by true love.

The only thing you will find here is inspiring thoughts, new challenging perspectives, and personal stories from what I am learning.

A higher self emerges from the ashes of what once was. A conscious new present ushers in a new chapter in my existence, bringing me closer to the truth of me, closer to who I have always been.

I have a mission, a purpose, and every consciously lived moment brings me closer to my limitless potential. I express truths in writing and in life simply by being me as I live in purpose.

I could argue that my time was stolen, not lost or squandered, but stolen. Since birth, I have been intentionally kept from rediscovering my true self by previously unperceivable forces pursuing their own agendas. Blocking me at every turn, keeping me from enacting my own, preventing me from carrying out my mission.

Daily interferences designed to keep me hidden from myself, silenced from speaking truths, energetically exploited. Cut off from all that which might have provided answers and clues to my actual existence… lost and alone I remained… for years.

Conscious moments illuminate the otherwise unseen, like ghosts or spirits aimlessly pacing back and forth at the foot of grandmother’s bed. Being tapped on the shoulder when a significant event is due to unfold, or my eight-year-old self passing death on the streets while carrying out its duties.

An increasingly conscious present enabled me to grasp a mere awareness of my existence, a purpose, and the power one can potentially wield once freed from all restraints. Self-imposed and otherwise, designed to filter and distract from that which is truly important… being.

The “I” so frequently mentioned everywhere on this website is me, Dane A. Broderick, a being on a journey of countless beginnings and countless ends.

Fueled by an equanimous heart, intuitive guidance, and spiritual curiosity, I brave on a journey beyond thought and self into the core of what is. My mission is to index, integrate, evolve, and openly share my experiences, insights, and spiritual growth along the way.

Those who know me describe me as an empathic, kind, loving father, partner, and spiritual being fascinated by time, love, and human potential.

You are most welcome to read, contemplate, and engage (comment) with any content you find.