A splog of inner-journey experiences.

Welcome to the spiritual blog of Dane Broderick. That’s me. Grandfather, partner, spiritual journeyer, and limitless being.

I mostly write about spirituality from the perspective of my own spiritual journey, spiritual practice, and of what I perceive, learn, and understand as I grow in consciousness.

My desire and goal to be enlightened are accompanied by curiosity, an open mind, and a liberated heart.

Everything here is my personal thoughts, experiences, and increasing understanding of spirituality and spiritual practices.

This blog is new in and there is no planned frequency with which I write and post new content.  I write when I am inspired and when I believe its beneficial to a potential reader.

My life, in brevity.

I started this spiritual blog as a means to further integrate what I am learning and to share experiences of our spiritual nature and limitless potential as conscious beings.

My childhood dream was to be a stuntman and mad scientist… I believe I was a bit of both.

My current dream is to help people rewrite the stories they tell themselves and enable them to live freer and happier lives.

100 things about me.

I currently live in Spain, where I found love and I am continuously learning what love truly is.

What else am I doing now?